.atomic number 79.

the body never forgets a different same thing

july 19th. the day had been ingrained in my head for years. i was not allowed to forget it no matter how hard i tried. it was almost ten years … Continue reading

03/24/2011 · 4 Comments

The Ins, The Outs and Everything in Between: Sexual Health Education from Scarleteen

When I was a wee little kitty growing up in the pains of a NJ childhood, I remember that I had always wished for a helpful guidebook for the special … Continue reading

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A Healthy Sex Serving: Scarleteen, National Sex Toy Day, Google Instant Blacklist and MY BIRTHDAY BITCHES

hello all my wenchy kitty scallawags. the need to talk in pirate this morning is overwhelming. ARGGGGHHHH. out of my system now. anyways.. the month of my day of birth … Continue reading

11/02/2010 · 1 Comment

A Time of Holigays: National Coming Out Day, Reconsider Christopher Columbus Day, 10/10/10 and Canadian Thanksgiving, OH MY!

hello my dearest kitties. today is quite the day of holiday gatherings, stuffed belly fillings, general sitting around of doing nothings and days off of work in attempts to remember… … Continue reading

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a blog in mid-publishing crisis: i need a lollipop STAT

oh the great woes of self-publishing content on an artistic and ironic level of manufacture. life gets in the way. my head gets in the way. my lack of education … Continue reading

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I want. I need. I covet. – Gastown Sample SALE

hey y’all bitches! it’s all happening. it’s all happening! What you ask? HOW DARE YOU. it’s the Gastown Sample SALE obviously. get ready to gut your closets. and not like … Continue reading

09/09/2010 · 1 Comment

About to press play on this Shit

why, hello there my kitty bitches. it has been a long time. now don’t get all in your back calendars checking dates and what not. life has happened. pretty fast. … Continue reading

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femmerati events: Accessory Swap Y’all – Middle Earth – Saturday May 29th

hey y’all. my bitches, wenches and kitties galore. this saturday i am hosting an accessory swap at middle earth. similar to a clothing swap but with accessories. bring one. bring … Continue reading

05/26/2010 · 1 Comment

don’t barf from the cuteness – baby sloth! oh my!

hey there kitty bitches. sloth baby kitties. need i say more. watch and try and not barf from the cuteness.

05/25/2010 · 3 Comments

FEMMERATI: Call for Submissions – Sex with Tech

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: any person from the biological sex spectrum and/or gender spectrum may submit stories. there has been need for this clarification. ANYONE.anyone.anyone.anyone. encouraged to submit a story. thank you. … Continue reading

05/19/2010 · 1 Comment


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