.atomic number 79.

All About Me

i am fierce. i am kitty. mostly people just call me kitty.

i am allergic to snow.  i am quick with words. i will compliment you if i like what you are wearing. i like color alot. i am from new jersey, originally. don’t hate. participate. activate. generate. aggravate.

but really. who am i? who IS fiercekitty? who cares. ok. fine. fiercekitty is otherwise known as Danielle Sipple.


Danielle Sipple, swinging
(photo by kris krüg)
Danielle Sipple is a writer who is a self-proclaimed ‘word nerd’. She has managed to extend her love of writing into the blog community with her two blogs : FierceKitty Fashion and FemmeRemix. She has led writing workshops at the Purple Thistle Youth Collective which facilitates skill sessions for youth involved in the unschooling movement. Danielle has had her work published in ION magazine, Rain.zine and on UptownSound music blog. Her writing covers many topics of interest including philosophy, music, theory, identity and technology. Her writing style often blends ideas and metaphors for a unique perspective. Danielle is currently studio manager at Static Photography. She has spent time doing volunteer work in the DTES of Vancouver as well as aiding in management advice for the musical group The Heard. She loves kitties and cupcakes.

meow.meow. bitches.

ps. reach me at for like anything. at all. anything you can think, like ANYTHING IMAGINABLE. except that thing. but anything else… hit me there.

pps. i am also on the twitters as FierceKitty.

ppps. i make shit as well. like cool as femme-punk rock shit. i started it for my daily creative series called #createsomething. you can be the coolest newest most fantastic owner of something i create – check it at my fiercekitty fashion store.

2 comments on “All About Me

  1. quiteuselesss

    Major lovin’ on your blog. Will definitely keep reading!

  2. Amanda

    Kick ass. Totally.

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