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Inside Out: volunteer for hurricane sandy relief

How to Help for Hurricane Sandy Relief

hello darlings.

for the last four-five days i have woken up and immediately started extensive research on the current state of the weather, the city i live in, and the state of affairs in the aftermath. (i am very lucky and grateful that i still have power when thousands do not. i recognize this fact.)

with day four already in motion, the sandy aftermath appears to not be losing any momentum. in fact, new problems are arising like gas shortages and insane public transit commutes.

to support the sandy relief that is happening throughout all the boroughs, i have pulled together the most comprehensive list of volunteer needs and opportunities. these include resources, sign-ups, and basic information. each of these links (for the most part) includes their own set of links for volunteer opportunities.

it really is extensive, the need spreads out far. help is needed in NJ desperately – so if you are able to head down there, that would be amazing. some of the links include resources for NJ volunteers as well.

i will try to update this as i find out more information throughout the day.


How to Help Out for Hurricane Sandy Relief!/volunteer


also: here is a great Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map provided by Google Maps (interactive!)

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