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Inside Out: sandy’s aftermath

Hurricane Sandy from my kitchen window

aftermath. afterbirth. afterlife. sandy hit us all a few days ago.

we were lucky though. located in one of the higher parts of brooklyn, my family (myself, the boys, and my roommate) were all safe in our four story walk-up. the winds hit, yet we never lost power and somehow the internet was all a buzz (much quicker than the tv news).

when did we become the generation of instagram newscasters? this is nothing new.

citizen journalism is alive and well, if not seen in true strength during hurricane sandy here in nyc. local tv stations were relying on citizens, standing in the roads, the floods, and anywhere else, to report what they were seeing, before the stations themselves could even capture it. news happened instantly, and when the east river is flooding the lower east side at an insanely fast rate, the news must spread quickly.

how else would generators be found. how would people be found. how would anything happen in a time of disaster.

our old ways are out dated, just as our subways and our electrical systems are past their point of relevance.

i do depend on the subway, too much it seems. while developing severe cabin fever (and taking care of my very sick roommate during the hurricane), i realized just how far away i live from everything. yes, i do live in brooklyn, but dear lord, i live in the center of nothing.

luckily, i live where i am and i have power, water, and a perfectly dry apartment. i am grateful that my only concerns are a loss of work days and cabin fever. as for manhattan, lower manhattan to be specific, those concerns are just the beginning.

i must admit: it does feel a bit post-apocalyptic lite when the nyc mayor instills mandatory regulations for vehicles entering the city. 3+ passengers are required for each vehicle. with any less, you will be turned away.

that’s insane. completely necessary. but insane.

in the meantime, i might as well try to use this time as wisely as possible. keyword: try.

xxxmeow. fk

listening: tori amos pandora station

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