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Salacious Magazine Edition 2: an epic adventure of (sexual) objectivity

The very definition of the word salacious can make the tongue wander to parts of the mind where sexual explosions occur. The magazine Salacious oddly enough has the very same effect on every inch of your body and mind.

In its infantile stage of its barely prepubescent second edition this hand crafted erotic magazine leaves very little to the imagination. I was asked gently and consensually to review their second edition with an objective but proficient manner. I was completely unaware that their stunning layout of 64 pages would take me many days to conquer because frankly, it was just that hot of a read.

The theme of the magazine was Voyeurism. This theme accented each photo, image and story with all the varying aspect of the simple sexual pleasure of watching others enjoy pleasure. The extremely large spectrum in which voyeurism spreads has the depth to create dynamic sexual story lines that can entice pretty much everyone. Salacious’ second edition provides all this and more.

The actual layout of the magazine is extremely text heavy. As a linguistic fetish freak I thoroughly enjoyed the lengthy short erotic story selections. There were a few diversions from this set-up where some select poems/prose where thrown into the mix. The slight differences in these visual set-ups where striking and further inclusions of these styled erotic pieces would be great for the diversity of future Salacious editions.

It was honestly a hard decision to narrow down my favorite literary excursions from the second edition of this Salacious. Some of top contenders that left me in a nerdy sex-brain stupor were some of the more creative voyeuristic scenarios. Whether it was the last minute jerk-off caught wet handed in ‘Going Down’, the technological voyeurism through web cams and secret trysts in ‘Other Duties’ or the spectacular stolen sexual encounters between an art muse in the sky and a lover below in ‘This is How I see You Watching Me’ which was my favorite one by far.

All of the enticing literary descents were punctuated by cleverly sexy hand drawn images. Whether it was depicting illicit sex between two strangers meeting or someone being caught behind a fence pleasuring themselves, this illustrated porn was refreshing. The pen has a way of capturing the diversity of sexual experiences that photographic pictures are unable to translate. These particular illustrations definitely make Salacious stand out in a fantastic way from other previous erotic publications.

Included in this edition of Salacious were some featured journalistic pieces about the Sex Worker Film Festival and the IMSL contest, both held in San Francisco. These pieces were extremely informative from the perspectives of people involved in both of the events. Unfortunately neither of these pieces fit in with the overall tone and theme of the magazine but it was a nice mental break from the hot erotica.

Another great aspect of this edition of Salacious were the wonderfully placed ads for all types of queer/feminist/independent porn companies and sex toy vendors. It was a great visual resource for anyone who wanted to find something sexy to play with or awesome videos to further continue the excitement that was building from just enjoying the magazine. My favorite was the two page spread for the Crash Pad Series, which is an online website by Pink and White Productions in San Francisco.

Salacious is a fantastic publication that creates a safe space for all types of sexuality to have creative expression. Each story and image creates a new level of sexy and sexual experience that can cater to anyone’s needs or desires. No matter how you identify or how sex is defined for you, Salacious has a story for you somewhere hidden in the pages of their second edition.

I challenge anyone to read it all in one setting without having to take care of some ‘personal business’. 🙂

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