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The Ins, The Outs and Everything in Between: Sexual Health Education from Scarleteen


When I was a wee little kitty growing up in the pains of a NJ childhood, I remember that I had always wished for a helpful guidebook for the special times in life.
More blatantly: solid sexual health information and empowerment that spoke to me in my language, in my age range and understanding of all the very interesting situations I found myself in.

Whether it was having having feelings for my girlfriends, to not quite understanding what birth control was, to speaking in frank terms with my sexual partners before, during and after the multiple sexual acts were performed. Or learning how to have effective communication with my partners in break-ups or even early dating. Or about coming out to my partners. Or to understanding where my clit was (I used to claim I didn’t have one – I KNOW HILARIOUS) to where my g-spot always was. All of those things.

I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish that Scarleteen had been around when I was younger.

Dean Hudson, Danielle Sipple, Dave Olson - SXSW 2009

Truth – (Clarification: It was around when I was younger but I didn’t have much access to the internet then nor did I think about searching for amazing sexual health information on the internet at that time in my life. I was more interested in porn.) /Truth

So now you’re wondering… WHAT IS SCARLETEEN.

Sorry to yell but it’s just really exciting. Scarleteen is an amazingly extensive online sexual health information hub for youth. Youth is generally-speaking but all of Scarleteen’s content caters to an audience that is discovering themselves, their physical bodies and the way to properly interact those two pieces with the rest of the world. In a traditional sense the topics covered are reminiscent of my high school Sex Ed class back in the 90s but the only difference is that the topics are more relevant and emotionally sensitive to the truth of today’s youth.

When I say relevant, I mean that me watching a movie from the late 70s about pads and menstruation belts is not going to be the best (or most accurate way) for me to learn about my period in the 90s. In fact it was kinda silly and extremely awkward. This is a perfect example as to why I needed Scarleteen in my life then.

I could gush and gush about Scarleteen for many more words…
– for including section topics like Pink Slip, Skin Deep, Gaydar and Sexual Politics
– for having awesome message boards that act as a safe space for youth to express their thoughts and feelings about their sexuality
– for having a (SOON!) database of doctors that provide rad/stellar/sensitively emotional sexual healthcare
– for sponsoring empowering leadership spaces for feminists age 10-25 like the All Girl Army

like I said… gush, gush, gush. *blush*

So this amazing organization is run by two staff and 12 volunteers. I know. Surprising, amazing, inspiring – all of them together.
The main force behind the whole operation is a fantastically motivated spirit, otherwise known as Heather Corinna. One day I hope to meet them in person. Stunning. 🙂

For the past few weeks Scarleteen has been having a Sex Ed blog carnival to raise awareness about the awesomeness that is Scarleteen, the amazing resources and services it provides and to fundraise to keep the whole operation available for everyone.

We Must Be The Change We Wish To See in The World

Now you’re like… so how can I help sustain Scarleteen? Well click to see the many ways you can help this awesome operation – from financial donations to grant writing to volunteering and beyond. 🙂

Le sigh.

Real and proper sexual health education is extremely important to everyone. Youth especially in today’s age are experiencing burgeoning sexuality with a new found veracity that is only amplified by existence in our in-person world AND our digital world. It is a severe disservice to not provide accurate information to them that covers the range of their experience, in their language, on their playing field, in real time.

Scarleteen provides this and then some. Above and beyond Scarleteen is helping to cultivate an informed and sexually positive youth community.

Keep Scarleteen alive. 🙂

meow. meow. xo

For More Information on Scarleteen:

Scarleteen on Facebook

Scarleteen on Twitter

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