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A Time of Holigays: National Coming Out Day, Reconsider Christopher Columbus Day, 10/10/10 and Canadian Thanksgiving, OH MY!

Festival of Lights - Seattle Zoo

hello my dearest kitties.
today is quite the day of holiday gatherings, stuffed belly fillings, general sitting around of doing nothings and days off of work in attempts to remember… something.

What exactly was it that we were remembering today (this weekend) again? I CAN’T REMEMBER. need. moar. pie.

Well. coincidentally enough.. there were MANY holidays on this particular celebratory celebration of sorts. pick your poison and know what you might inadvertently be celebrating.

Festival of Lights - Seattle Zoo

this is a day of joyous rebirthing. a coming of age and a ceremoniously witness of identity, support and love. National Coming Out Day is a national recognized day of support for people of the LGBTQ community who are struggling to come out about their sexual identity, gender identity or sexual orientation. By lessoning the stigma that is raised when people choose to out themselves (on a variety of levels and issues) then more people would have the courage of living authentic lives with the support of their peers, loved ones and surround communities.

I’m OUT and PROUD. I am a queer femme. I officially came out in 2004 but struggled for many years before outing myself. I stand as an ally with others who are outing themselves as well today. Only together can we change.

*cries* (UPDATE: please take a look and support the Trevor Project. this organization is a great support and information vehicle for LGBTQ youth and suicide prevention.)

United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP15 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Reconsider Christopher Columbus DayCHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DAY – OCTOBER 12

the recognized and recounted history of the united states is often a bit askew and largely misrepresents the truth of the past in historical accuracy. thus said we have lived in the deep dark bubble of IGNORANCE long enough. in the world of technology and the internet there is NO EXCUSE not to educate yourself on the origins of stories, events and especially holidays. this video about Reconsider Columbus Day is a true testament to where the United States needs to go with its recognized history. The level of ignorance we (americans) have been living at for the past (WHO KNOWS HOW MANY) years is harmful, destructive and complacent.

United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP15 - Copenhagen, Denmark

So October 10th was TWO very drastically different yet extremely similar holidays. First was the Global Work Party day that was organized by the lovely people at This organization is a rapidly evolving and nonstop information base for all things related to climate change and climate justice. The number 350 is the successfully determined maximum level of carbon dioxide that can be present in the earth’s atmosphere and still allow the planet to continue in a healthy manner. (UPDATE: our current CO2 is 386.80 ppm from CO2 Now.)
350 ppm = 350 parts of carbon dioxide to 1 million parts of the gaseous material that makes up the earth’s atmosphere.
So they had a work party. i know i know… i hear you saying – A WORK PARTY? wtf the is a WORK PARTY.
well the thing is – that in order to maintain the world and fight for adequate climate justice, it takes alot of WORK. some of this work you can to do a large levels, in political environments, and some of this work you can do in your own backyard garden. so this Global Work Party was motivating people to do the work that they could do in their very own communities!
Thousands (i repeat THOUSANDS) of people participated in this global event. Check out the map listing of all the 10/10/10 Global Work Party events in the world. mind boggling.

AND funny enough… for all your geeks and nerds out there. 10/10/10 = 10.10.10 = 42 = which is the answer to the universe.

if you have no idea what i am talking about, then you need to read this book. Don’t forget your TOWEL. 😉

ps. is it a coincidence that the undisputed day that is the answer to the universe/life is also the Global Work Party day? i think NOT.

finally.. last but not least…

Thanksgiving at Uncleweed's House

unlike its american counterpart (which is later in the year but earlier in its historical birth) the canadian celebration of thanksgiving is more or less a thankful event that marks the end of harvest. I don’t know how this translates into stuffing your face full of turkey, eating pie and watching football but the canadians might have taken a few lessons from the americans over the years. BUT the canadian history of the holiday has a bit more pagan feel to it which warms my witchy woo woo heart. STILL. NEED. MOAR. pie.

anyways. this weekend was a holiday of holigays. and now when someone asks ‘what are you celebrating this holiday?’ – you can answer…..

meow.meow. bitches.

(ps. photos by the lovely boy kitty Kris Krüg)

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