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I want. I need. I covet. – Gastown Sample SALE

hey y’all bitches!

it’s all happening. it’s all happening! What you ask? HOW DARE YOU.

it’s the Gastown Sample SALE obviously. get ready to gut your closets. and not like a closet riot because we like those. get ready this SALE is on like real Sept. 10-11.

we like sales. mostly because they are the audio cuzs to sail which reminds me of boats and bikinis. then i smile. BIG.
so you are like.. why the fuck. do i give a fuck. about this AWESOME sample sale anyways. i mean. i have to get ready to watch the new vampire diaries while crying that true blood is almost over. and drink lots of tea. in my house. GET OUT OF TOWN. me too.

reasons you should come (and) give a fuck at the Gastown Sample SALE.

1. hot designers at hella hot prices. like who? this is who.

Elika Designs
“Infusing elements of Japanese design, architecture, and nature itself, Elika Designs offers intricate hand detailed garments rich with texture and beauty”

“kdon by Kim Cathers is a fresh line of clothing that is inspired by the joy of imagination coupled with precise hand detailing using only reclaimed fabrics and produced in Canada.”

“Sexy and feminine yet a bit rock and roll, kulpa is edgy and glamorous”

Kulus Designs
“Bringing West Coast Culture to the Streets”

PLUS. your one and only (me) will be there selling cute stuff i make. ONLY ON SATURDAY! you’re like.. you *make* stuff? what do you make. bitches! of course i make shit because you can’t claim being a crafty bitch without it… fiercekitty fashion.

2. food. yes. they will give you nibbles so you don’t go into a sale induced sugar lull and collapse on the floor in a pile of tulle. this sale is considerate.

3. amazing view. let me tell you. and there might even be a sighting of the baby bird family. they live on a ledge. who knew.

4. music. people. something to do this weekend so you don’t cry yourself into your shitty vamp rock novel. (I KID. I LOVED THEM TOO.)

enough with lists. back to the SALE. here are the official DETAILS.

Sept. 10th 5-8pm
Sept. 11th 11-3pm


The Dominion Building in Gastown
207 W Hastings St. (near Cambie Street. in Gastown)
11th floor
778.918.4773 (call to shop to you drop bitches)

and just for good measure… here is roxy cottontail. she is a fierce new yorker who is super fly while taking names. damn girl. you go.


One comment on “I want. I need. I covet. – Gastown Sample SALE

  1. admin

    good post, great writer, best bitch in gastown. w00p.

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