.atomic number 79.

About to press play on this Shit

Fiercekitty and the Beignet, sitting in a tree..

why, hello there my kitty bitches. it has been a long time.
now don’t get all in your back calendars checking dates and what not. life has happened. pretty fast. but i am back.
or. have i ever really left. not in my mind i haven’t. 🙂
the life is busy with Mister Mudbug. y’all know this by now.

fast forward weeks: 3 weeks in Bolivia for World People’s Conference on Climate Change; 4 weeks of utter fuckin.lame.ass sickness; 1 week in the Gulf for TEDx Oil Spill Expedition..
and now i am in iHop. shut your traps – there is free wifi and endless coffee. this is kitty heaven.

not to mention pancakes *i haven’t had any yet-freals* but i did attack a beignet pretty successfully in new orleans. i left trails of powdered suga in my wake.

so. this is what we like to call in the a check-in.
fiercekitty, checking in ready to report for duty. didn’t want y’all to forget about lil-ole me. HOW COULD YOU.

all my shit got pressed to HOLD and now i am ready to roar for some bitchin’ PLAYBACK.

let me get ready to press PLAY on this shit… ready. set. ok.go.

meow.meow. bitches.

ps. speaking of ok.go. here is their new video for ‘this too shall pass’. ok go will be performing at poptech this fall in camden, maine.

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