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FEMMERATI: Call for Submissions – Sex with Tech

Love Hotel

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: any person from the biological sex spectrum and/or gender spectrum may submit stories. there has been need for this clarification. ANYONE.anyone.anyone.anyone. encouraged to submit a story. thank you. heart. -fiercekitty

Hey y’all my kitty bitches.

The time has cometh. It has cometh and it will cometh again. and again. and motherfucking. again.
y’all might have noticed the subtle changes i have done to this little blog o’mine. the biggest was the slight-of-hand mid-sentence change from meow.meow. to femmerati.
y’all are like. WHAT. WHO. WHAT. WHO. is femmerati.
bitches. hoes. kitties. my kitty royal family. my kitty collective. all of you. are the femmerati.
but then you’re like.
I’M NOT A FEMME. [postgender identity baby. anyone can be FEMME. ANYONE. PGI]
what’s a rati? [multiple rodents- i kid.]
I’M HUNGRY [eat a cupcake]
ah my dear wenchy kitties. i heart you.


anyways. the news is here.
part of the femmerati is that it has tons.loads.bazillions of awesome parts. and the one part that i am presenting today. is INTERACTIVE.
and SEXUAL. and technical in the ere of technology.
i present….

!!!! @ Northern Voice 2008 Work Space Amber - Gnomedex 2008

SEX with TECH. an erotic anthology of collected submitted stories. it’s a book. or at least it will be a book after you look at this call for submissions.


y’all might be scampering for the nearest phone to call in my WTF moment but i know the intrigue is present. in all of y’all.
think about it. we are super connected. super intimate. super personal with our technology.
computers. cell phones. iphones. ipods. video cameras. televisions. even those damn kindles.
we carry them with us EVERYWHERE. they never leave our side. some even sleep with them under their pillows.

so my challenge {with a nudge to the immensely erotic} is to take our personally intimate relationships with technology one.step.further.
into SEX. *gasp

now. i’ve snagged you. and no. this isn’t i fell in love with my hello kitty vibrator kind of illusion. though hot as hell love with that vibrator could be awesome, in my world that i am describing, that bitch hello kitty better talk to you and COME ALIVE.

sexual anthropomorphication. but with technology. look it up. live it. learn it. love it.

if i still have you reading and you haven’t scampered off to diddle yourself. then yes. i am a happy kitty. tho i understand if the aforementioned has happened and i will still be a happy kitty. nonetheless I AM ALWAYS A HAPPY BITCH. always.

Marcus Whitney - Gnomedex 2008

so. check out my call for submissions page. check out my AWESOME comic i made for the submission page. or if you are an eager beaver. check out my intelligentsia essay about the perversion of intimacy with our personal technology on FemmeRemix [essay cumming soon]. which is a fancy way of saying SEX with TECH y’all.

meow.meow. bitches.

p.s.. SUBMIT A STORY. this is the first of many missions of the Femmerati. meow.

One comment on “FEMMERATI: Call for Submissions – Sex with Tech

  1. markbyrd

    May GOD Bless!!! Mark

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