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The Kitty Full Service #2: Jasper James

Hey there bitches.

fiercekitty here.

so last week was the official debut of The Kitty Full Service with its first kitty victim with the lovely talented artist Elle Camino. this begins the official-official official beginning of the series. The Kitty Full Service will be present and ready for action on the so-called day of the week called Monday. Monday bitches, the potential worst day of the week otherwise known as ‘give me my motherfuckin’ money monday’ by my kitty family. Monday will have a new ring on its hand and it’s called The Full Kitty Service.

this week our kitty victim is the totes awesome, hella talented and kitty-verified stylish Jasper James. Jasper is musician who rocks the beats, dances the streets and is queer taboot. i give this kitty three loud MEOWs. stellar fierceness. ps. who is Curve loving on this month? that’s right. Jasper fuckin’ James. epic. musical. swoon. this kitty rocks.

and now. with out further latency: The Kitty Full Service #2 featuring Jasper James.

a. name: Jasper James
b. site: Jasper James Music OR Jasper James on Reverb Nation

1. If you could choose your own name, from any language and any type of words, what would it be?

I actually did choose my own name. My grandmother’s name was James Jasper and I inverted it. It was a way of honoring both my family and my alternative gender identity.

2. You can pick any frontman or frontwoman from any band to be your best friend. Who is it?

Willie Nelson. Hands down.

3. I am forcing you to sum up your mode of creativity in three words. Tell me them.

Erratic, Sleepless, Driven

4. What is your favorite word?


5. My favorite kitty says ” If you don’t stick it on the internet, it didn’t happen.” Does this resonate as an evolutionary new media necessity for self documentation or as a consensual voyeurism in a digital landscape?

It’s both. As a business person where I am the business, it’s Necessary to have a presence on the Internet. By default however, it’s inherently voyeuristic as a practice.

6. What made you smile today?

My favorite kitty… my girlfriend.

7. Identity is a multifaceted definition that often changes from day to day, from person to person. Does your representation of your own personal identity convey any notable messages through your craft/medium?

Yes, absolutely. People seem to experience my gender identity over and over within my music in accordance with their own perceptions. I can be as male or as female to an observer as they want me to be because, frankly, I’m both. I actually had a guy write an article about me using male pronouns the whole time. Another one called and asked my manager when I was planning on transitioning to be a female. I identify as two-spirited and that comes through in my music a lot I think. When I write songs, I include all aspects of myself. I always try to play with sexuality and the boundaries (or lack therof) imposed by culture on us in this arena. I think that my experiences as a queer person of malleable gender come through in everything I do. I write about my experiences as a whole human being.

8. How would you write the definition of gender?

Gender is a social construct. It’s different in every culture. It’s also permeable… it can be bent to fit any idea or purpose.

9. Creativity and madness have often been compared as born from the same ilk. Should they be believed to be the same thing?

I think that you have to allow the Spirit of madness to envelop you but not overtake who you are when you are in a creative space. The madness can be really self-destructive if you let it. I always make sure I am in control.

10. If history repeats itself at a quicker pace than it ever has, what do you believe is to come next from your genre of creativity?

It’s funny that you ask because I think I’m actually doing just that. The new version of Glitch music that I’m working on is the next big thing in music. The future of music is embracing the Mistake. Embracing imperfection. Autotune and vocoder came out of early Glitch styles and changed Pop music immeasurably. The next iteration of it will have similarly far reaching effects.

11. My macabre moment: what would epitaph say from this point in your life?

Death is not the end.


thanks to Jasper James for the rad answers. another kitty victim survived. huzzah.

the real question is tho. could you.
do them before they do you.

this marks the end of the second installation of the battlefield that is The Kitty Full Service.


ps. a tidbit morsel to send you snappin’ home kitties. here is the new KIA car commercial. and can you guess who the soundtrack is. yup. that’s right. Jasper James. you kitties are one smart bunch. sometimes.

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