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The Kitty Full Service #1: Elle Camino

hey there kitties.
today is the day. the first big ole send-off of The Kitty Full Service interview.
now DON’T GET TOO EXCITED because you might blow the whole show in just one shot… just relax. these questions aren’t hard nor are they easy. these are simply kitty questions.
but beware: do them before they do you. *insert evil kitty laugh*

(The Kitty Full Service is printed Q&A just as the victim kitty has answered it. i must keep their flair intact. always.)

welcome my first victim kitty.

a. name : Elle Camino
b. site : Elle Camino Photography

1. If you could choose your own name, from any language and any type of words, what would it be?

Lavinia, from Titus.

2. You can pick any frontman or frontwoman from any band to be your best friend. Who is it?

– Tom Waits. He is my lyrical and vocal hero. A man all of his own kind, can’t ever be copied, and just a clever son of a bitch.

3. I am forcing you to sum up your mode of creativity in three words. Tell me them.

– Predatory – Raw – Savage

4. What is your favorite word?

– Preposterous

5. My favorite kitty says ” If you don’t stick it on the internet, it didn’t happen.” Does this resonate as an evolutionary new media necessity for self documentation or as a consensual voyeurism in a digital landscape?

– I’m thinking, that if one feels it didn’t happen if you didn’t stick it on the internet, you’re looking to only share/show others what you have done and get satisfaction out of that, but in all reality, if it isn’t published online, it still happened. For me, the memory of things, going back to those moments in my head and feeling them all over again is where I get the satisfaction. So, option 2 – see it as voyeurism.

6. What made you smile today?

– A really sexy exotic dancer telling me I was sexy 😉 LOL. Yep, I’m like a dude.

7. Identity is a multifaceted definition that often changes from day to day, from person to person. Does your representation of your own personal identity convey any notable messages through your craft/medium?

– Yessssss….in my Day Of The Dead art, the image itself is “dark” but portrayed in a very light and colorful manner. Total contradiction, I am very strong in both “light” and “dark” personality aspects. As for the photography….predatory, cat-like, drawing people in, intense, taking control….all on the sexual side of me.

8. How would you write the definition of gender?

– Ok, so on a technical level, it is what it is. You’re either a man, woman, or both, or neither. BUT, on an emotional level, that is an entirely different story. If say a man, born a man, wants to become a woman physically because he always felt like a woman “inside” or vice versa? Then so be it….there should be no problem with that in society’s eyes. So whether you are born male or female, and want to stay that way, great….if you don’t want to stay that way, then great too. It really boils down to someone being comfortable with his or herself and whatever it takes to make that happen is what’s important rather than pleasing everyone else. Who you are inside as a person is what counts, and if you’ve battled this shit life and still came out as a good person, then I applaud you. 😉

9. Creativity and madness have often been compared as born from the same ilk. Should they be believed to be the same thing?

– That’s a really good question. I am a certified therapist as well, and throughout all my studies A LOT of the greatest, most creative people out there DO suffer from mental illness….and you know what? I see that as a good thing. Most of us go through life, “normal”….doing our regular daily escapes and relaxing rituals, like drinking a beer, going to the spa….etc. But, if you’re battling an illness whether it be physical (which can drive you mad), or mental, you need a completely different type of escape, and that escape is generally something creative….something you can lose yourself in for hours on end, forget about what you’re going through, release it….and it is SOOO beneficial for someone who is being tortured in that way. Take OCD for example. A lot of amazing artists out there utilize their OCD for their art and it’s a beneficial illness because it creates such perfect pieces of beauty. A person without OCD would not put in half the time or effort to make something come out as amazing as OCD sufferers do. Now, I am not saying that all artists and creative genuises are sufferers….just simply addressing what you said above as a portion of that amazing creative community we have out there. For me personally, I am physically ill. I get sick for days on end and go through absolute madness in the process because it’s so all-consuming, and the ONLY time I pump art out is when I’m sick. When my kidneys are giving me a break and I feel good? I have no desire to do any art….I want to do those “normal daily activities”, like clean house, eat, go for a walk, watch a movie. Doing art is the ONLY thing that can take me away for hours and make the time go by so much quicker and help me get my frustrations out.

10. If history repeats itself at a quicker pace than it ever has, what do you believe is to come next from your genre of creativity?

– I honestly can’t answer this one. I am sitting here thinking of what could be done….hmmm….maybe they can make those RealDolls in a Day Of The Dead theme? LOL. *shrugs*………

11. My macabre moment: what would epitaph say from this point in your life?

– “How did a girl from a hick town turn out like she did? Was she adopted? I don’t think she was some inbred muck of a shithead.”

There you have it kitties. The first Full Kitty Service interview. Elle survived but could you. that is the question.


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