.atomic number 79.

click this shit: Aniomagic

click this shit kitties. Aniomagic.
who love crafting? who loves blinking lights? who loves making their fantastic evening gown into a walking ipod remote?
this is truly fashion and technology at the crossroads of TOTALLY FUCKIN AWESOME.

thanks to Aniomagic for image.

Aniomagic is totally necessary train stop for all my lovely crafters and especially necessary for the lovers’ out there of technology infused Instructables and design. This site is chock full of oohs and ahhs of “i-could-make-that” statements.
your life would be way cooler with the stylish robots that Aniomagic is trying to introduce into your life.

hello fashionable cyborg, be my best friend.

meow.meow. bitches.

ps. check out Aniomagic on Twitter.

One comment on “click this shit: Aniomagic

  1. Alison

    I ordered mine back in December, unfortunately it has only just arrived due to their company move.

    I just cannot wait to make stuff with it, so so excited!

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