.atomic number 79.

i want. i need. i covet. the solar panel LED pearl necklace.

whoa. ok. i am not much of a super sale on pearls (they are hot on few and wistfully make me reminiscent of refined morals) BUT.

LED. PEARL-like. NECKLACE. powered by rad. totally awesome. athena-esque adorned solar panels.
i want. i need. i covet.

necklace by Mae Yokoyama

This amazing piece of sustainable jewelry is completely inspired by the evolution of forward future decadence. Just think of a Grecian Goddess climbing to the top of a mountain adorned with this armor like elegance.
no one? any one? okay. maybe that is just me envisioning that. *staying in fantasy land*

created by Mae Yokoyama

this piece can literally be worn two ways: in the sun and out of the sun. both appeal to a classic feel with the sharp edged solar panels, mixed with the graceful lines of the LED lights.

this is seriously awesome. jewelry needs to learn a thing or two from this fierce piece.


5 comments on “i want. i need. i covet. the solar panel LED pearl necklace.

  1. Copperweaver

    This is very inspiring design and use of materials… I wonder if the panels are silicone or something less fragile…

    Can you imagine small propellers on your bicycle powering stings of LED’s lighting up your bike as you peddle…. I had my bike wired up like that in college….

    I did a lot creative exploration using scavenged servo motors as micro-generators to power strings of LED’s. you can attach fan blades to the shaft of the motor, providing you with a micro-wind generator that will generate electricity to power strings of LED’s it’s all very low tech and sort of paint by number… but the parts are easy to scavenge form old and new electronics.

  2. fiercekitty

    @dylan aww mama kitty. You could totally rock this! waves indeed!

  3. Dingo Brennan

    Meow indeed! Me likey!!

  4. THE dylan

    meow meow mama. I’m not feeling so much like I could rock it at this stage of life BUT! you, on the other hand would make mad gigantic waves in that. I support.

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