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click this shit: Fashion Me Green and the Uniform Project

ok. kitties. this shit is for real. i have decided to get a bit more organized in my fashion, clusterfuck of a head warp around the industry sort of way. if that makes any sense and i still have you then awesome.
to make things even easier than a slippery slope downwards, i have decided to focus my areas of superb interest into more slightly less jumbled areas of interest. here ya go. here is my master plan. welcome to it.
click this shit: websites to gander that are involved in the awesome of all awesome fashion + technology wise
i want. i need. i covet. : items of specific glory that need to ostracized and magnified in all of their damned glory.
WTF: pretty explanatory. what. the. fuck. fashion. future.
design me bitch: designers that are all around killing. it. in a major way. major.
do you see what i hear: music videos that are just bringing it all to the table. fashion. technology. future. all the shit.

thanks for listening. you. kick. ass. and now on to our regularly scheduled blog post.

click this shit: seriously kids. this fab kitties have got their shit. going on. like hitting the floor. cutting a rug. and mixing up style major.
first up to bat: FASHION ME GREEN

this tragically magical site could become your main source of all fashion that revolves around green technology and sustainability design. i know i know. whenever you (and i mean me of course) think of green fashion, my head gets spun backwards into my days of dreads, patchwork, birkenstocks and hemp fibers.
no. don’t get me wrong. i treasure those days along with all of the photos i have absentmindedly misplaced but green fashion has gotten well… sophisticated. like a brand new haircut. a fresh pluck to the ideas. a massage. and a nice long hot bath. of AWESOME.
Fashion Me Green showcases some of the best, brightest, most innovative and forward thinking designers, designs and all around sustainable fashion fabulousness.

second up to bat: THE UNIFORM PROJECT

i was literally blown away into the open world of fashion radical activism by this simple little concept. The Uniform Project is the mastermind of this absolutely fantastic kitty who (with friends’ help) designed a seasonable dress uniform that she pledged to wear for 365 days. most of her accessories are by donation and she is raising money for the Akanksha Foundation.
The Uniform Project says this about the Akanksha Foundation:
The Fundraiser for Akanksha’s School Project

The Akanksha Foundation is a grassroots non-profit founded in Mumbai in 1990 through the volunteered efforts of college students devoted to bringing education to children living in the slums. The Indian government spends an average of $360 on one child’s schooling, of which 80% drop out before reaching the 10th grade. Akanksha vows to spend the same amount on every child in the slums to afford them a better, more holistic education. Akanksha’s alumni is already proving to be better equipped than public school kids in their academic ability as well as their social skills, confidence and agency –so much so that the Indian government is now reaching out to the Akanksha team to train public school teachers. All contributions from this project will go toward funding the new Akanksha schools that are opening in Mumbai and Pune.

so go ahead. click. this. shit. go. now. *growl*

meow.meow. bitches.

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