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I want : the necklace that could kick my ass.

hello my kitties.

i have actually found a necklace that could and would (if cornered in a dark alley on a stormy night) kick my ass. like this necklace is so BADASS that my fierce self would not.stand.a.chance.

plus, this necklace does all the cool things like incorporate juxtaposing elements precious metal shaped like bullets and rare raw gem stones. hello people.. meet the badass necklace called the Moonage Daydream Collar.

The Moonage Daydream Collar

(by Henry Mounser; courtesy of the NY Times)

this piece literally owns the block it walks on because not only is it a necklace, but this bitch is a Collar. damn. plus on a side note, the awesome designer of this inspiration (Assad Mounser) was miraculously inspired by the one. the only. the god. Davie Bowie. *dies slowly in a corner*

this is what fierce jewelry heaven must look like. i want. times 5.

meow.meow. bitches.

One comment on “I want : the necklace that could kick my ass.

  1. jessica espinoza

    where can i buy this necklace

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