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Fashionable Podcasts: Lipgloss and Laptops

Love Hotel

Hello all the pretties out there.

I know that technology and fashion go together like chocolate and marshmallows but this thinking extends to have technology infused into fashion. it goes the other way as well. mostly.

i am talking about fashion infused to the utter amazingness of geekiness. first topic of this high concentration of geekiness is the devised in the mode of the podcast. if you are reading this blog, then you know what the internet is, and you may have heard a podcast without even realizing. trust me on this.

the basic of a podcast is that it is an audio or video show that could be about anything. anyone can make them (almost anyone) and anyone can listen or watch them (they kinda rock). and you know what.

The podcast called Lipgloss and Laptops rocks. alot. and really hard. Why you ask. Of course I will tell you. Not gonna leave YOU hanging.

Not only has it been on the airwaves for three years (hello! consistency!) and that it is backed up by fierce femmes (Airdrie Miller is a fierce.fucking.femme) but it is about

Airdrie Miller - Gnomedex 2009

hello. amazing. get in my blog. oh wait. how about i get in your podcast. totes for reals.

airdrie has been having guest co-hosts on your bi-weekly podcast since her original founding co-host went off to do something really amazing. (obviously because why would someone leave a kickass podcast!)

i was her third co-host and it was a stellar time. (not to mention it was my first time doing a podcast and I LOVED IT *hint**hint*) The format of the show is mostly reviews, mixed with fun banter and lots of makeup. we reviewed a bunch of mac products with intermittent stories about movies, blogs and fashion. (ps. i absolutely love makeup. the colors. the creative motivation. it’s like finger painting for adults. ha. yes. i went there.)

@fiercekitty - Banff World Television Festival 2009

*SWOON* i am heaven. sign me up for podcasts any day. plus sharing an afternoon with airdrie. *DOUBLE SWOON*

you can find the podcast here: Lipgloss and Laptops with Special Co-host Fiercekitty

plus this week you will get a full spectrum of the awesome goodies that came of the magical afternoon. technology and make-up are the perfect pair in bed. amongst other things.

listen up to that episode. it’s cute. it’s witty. it’s thick eyeliner and it’s very.

meow.meow. bitches.

2 comments on “Fashionable Podcasts: Lipgloss and Laptops

  1. fiercekitty


  2. Deborah Sipple

    I listened to the podcast Wednesday..loved it and loved hearing your voice..:)

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