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the technology of fashion and i.heart.switch

photo of Alison Lewis courtesy of I Heart Switch blog

photo of Alison Lewis courtesy of I Heart Switch blog

technology and fashion. these are two words that i am completely obsessed with. absolutely love thinking about fashion and its technological future all spun in a creative revolution.

le sigh. fashion is about to explode in a massive transformation with technology. it already is. and someone is documenting it. and being a revolutionary. singlehandedly.

(i kinda want her to be my new BFF for realsies.)

Alison Lewis is part awesome, part rad, part LED, part femme cyborg and 100% editor/creator of the I Heart Switch blog. this blog curates a palate of commentary on life, style and technology.

Lewis says:
Switch is a technology life & style blog, which showcases innovative design, fashion and topics from a female perspective.

With topics that range from dos and don’ts in techno fashion, the beauty of visualizing sound, diy LED necklace and even the scientific glamour of Vogue China, I Heart Switch covers all areas of the intersection of technology and style/fashion.

i want to marry this blog. seriously.

photo courtesy of I Heart Switch blog

photo courtesy of I Heart Switch blog

Alison was just recently featured in this NY Times article about technology and fashion. her amazing living room provides the backdrop for the accompanying photographs in the article. so fuckin’ cute.

I Heart Switch and its adorable curator have a book that claims to combine FIT and MIT together under one cover. Switch Craft is a book full of DIY projects that will blossum us all into delightful fashionista geeks. (love it. want it. need it. AWESOME!)

okay. i have gushed enough. le sigh. i just love being inspired by intelligent, hot, delightfully geeky women who love fashion and technology.

meow.meow. bitches.

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