.atomic number 79.

the science of fashion: atomic number 78

424px-Platinum.svgi know what you are thinking. you are thinking, you have got to fuckin’ kidding me.

i didn’t pay attention in my honors ap chemistry class. i was crushing on my chem lab partner the entire time.

*ahem* maybe that was just me. but i still know what you are thinking.

what. the. fuck. is atomic number 78?

well. as a basis. all properties. are assigned atomic numbers. for geeky classification and fun chemistry oriented times. but nonetheless acts as a giant awesome encyclopedia like catalog of all things awesome.

really. all. things. awesome.

and atomic number 78 is one of the most coveted, most awesome of all awesome things of all times.

and thus. is the sub-title of this awesome blog. frealsies.

atomic number 78 is……

PLATINUM bitches. it’s motherfuckin Platinum.

we all love platinum. it’s in songs and media and everything. everything covered in platinum and diamonds. platinum and gold. platinum washed and platinum loved.

we all love platinum. and this is a geek infused commentary.. we should really bring back the justification to access sometimes completely useless knowledge (like all this information from my formative high school years spent droning away in high level classes where i just amused myself with my crushes and incessant creativity).. we should bring it back. own that shit. and use it.

so the next time you take that necklace in to get covered or that watch to get plated… when they ask..

you should just say:

COVER THAT BITCH IN ATOMIC NUMBER 78. for reals. no fakesies.


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