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a fashion revolution. the makeshift project.

this is a completely amazing project. 150%. if pigs could fly, they would be smiling because this gal natalie is doing what some think is impossible.
could you wear ONLY clothes you have MADE yourself? only you. just you. your shoes. your underwear. your eyeglasses. your purse.
natalie purschwitz (she used to own hunt and gather in gastown) has decided to embark on a one year journey that is just this. one year. 365 days.
she is making her own clothes and documenting it.
this is truly revolutionary fashion. in the making. literally.
she describes the art/research project as a mixture of living, clothing and making.
follow her journey at the makeshift project.

natalie purschwitz on day 8 of the makeshift project

natalie purschwitz on day 8 of the makeshift project

3 comments on “a fashion revolution. the makeshift project.

  1. Lorna Priddle

    Are one sleeve sweaters still available? I need a right arm sweater; possible? The receiver of a stroke to one side, I
    have poor circulation on that side. I am hoping you can help

  2. seagullsteve

    I’m still stuck on Step One….How To Sew. Impressive!

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