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the ultimate re-vamp: quick with confusion and full of grace

fiercekitty - Photowalk Gnomedex 2009
so. yes. i know. it has been a while since i have written a damn thing over here at this little hot spot. i have been grinding my brain into pondering philosophical questions, enriched deep with sociology and theory. femme remix or no femme remix, that is the question.
but i still love you over here. i just have been having a wee bit of cross confusion. a fuckin’ blog identity crisis for bitches’ sake.
i have too much up in my whole head to really focus on one thing. but i must. i shall. i shall fuckin’ prevail. but my sails are still set, fashion and all, but my course has veered and my boat nearly tipped to change a bit of direction.
alot of cool vancouver blogs have started to do street style posts. which is totally awesome. like seriously totally awesome. and frankly. i don’t have the simple motivation to keep this here fashion post just focused on street style (when others are fuckin’ rockin’ it.hard)
but the writer must go on. and the if the shoe fits then you must always apply another coat of lipstick. i think i read that on a fat-free fortune cookie somewhere. anyways.

Nerd Station Alpha
my ultimate re-vamp of this house is to combine two of my favorite things. fashion and technology. fashion and the future. fashion and media. fashion and the past. fashion and cyborgs. fashion and the internet. fashion and..whatever. a word nerd. i love thinking and i love color. and i love fashion. and being a femme. and combing ALL of them. sue me.
nah. don’t waste your time with that. i.was.joking.
so i have a few ideas about what i should continue up in this ship. here is a small but large wondrous list. please. take note. i will be quizzing afterwards.
definitely keeping:
DCC (because red shoes are simply the best. seriously.)
some style photos (but mostly from tech conferences because that is where i keep finding my geeky self going to…)
more shoes. sure. of course. we all love shoes. especially bizarre fashion-forward or backwards. or whatever.
music videos. yea totally. but i will be commenting more on the style/technology/fashion of the video. why. because it goes well i guess.
internet stuff related to fashion. yes. i guess so.
sustainable fashion designers. yes. please. more. thank you.
3Questions. those will never ever ever ever go.away. ever.
fiercekitty - Gnomedex 2009
but that is all i can think of right now. my.brain.hurts.
what do you want to see here? tell me something fascinatingly interesting and i *may* ponder it. for some time. and maybe. i will like it. and then. viola.
it might appear on the blog.

*ahem* thank you for shifting through my blog identity crisis.
meow. meow. bitches.

2 comments on “the ultimate re-vamp: quick with confusion and full of grace

  1. kelli

  2. Nadia

    I Love it! Changing things up are never a bad thing!

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