.atomic number 79.

terri & larry go together like fashion and… alpacas.

Larry Open @ Grace Gallery
who ever thought that alpacas would ever become fashionable?
but they have. oh have they ever. and their truly fashionable and sustainable side is being shown in larry.
who’s larry. well. larry isn’t an alpaca. but is made of alpaca.
larry is amazing because each piece is a woven piece of art. and it’s wearable. which makes it that much more awesome.
stellar even.
Terri Portratz wearing Larry

terri potratz, who can be found making the conveyor belt very pretty, is the curator of larry. aka she knits this wonderful alpaca fur.
and the coolest thing about larry, besides the name and the knitter, is
a. larry is made from alpaca fur that not dyed and washed with gentle non-sulfuric acid detergents.
b. the alpaca fur travels from a ranch in the Cariboo to a spinning mill on Salt Spring Island. this is bc local alpaca.
Larry Open @ Grace Gallery
have you ever wanted to be swallowed by the biggest most awesome scarf. kinda like being eaten alive by a cloud.
that is larry.
get your larry while you can.

larry will have its second coming out october 3 at grace gallery.

fashion and…bc local alpaca. stellar.

ps. you can even write larry a love letter. how so very analog.


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