.atomic number 79.

street fashion: out and about; plus kitty.Vision debut.

it has been a hot minute since fashion was blasted here. some surfaced after the havoc that was caused when i tried my paws at video blogging.
oh. havoc has not yet been seen because kitty.Vision is finally here. clear. and queer. i’ll admit i had help from pony and my future platonic ex-husband of course.
now. awesome outfit hour is amust.



oh how i swoon for the cute esoteric i skate but i don’t try to dress as amazing as i actually dress but then i look totally effortless look.
she rocks.
points of interest: wicked skateboard, the green laces, the bandanna hiding around the knee, oh my god.she holds death on her hands


this is my pony. i love my pony. pony and i will be co-hosts for kitty.Vision. there will be lots more pony. giddy up bitches.
shallom from stylefinds

shallom from stylefinds

i realized after i took this picture that the most.amazing.part of this amazing writer‘s outfit was zipped up nicely underneath her jacket. i am a sucker for little belts tucked high on the waist. and hidden under her jacket was a white belt, tucked high on her waist.
i’m sad just thinking that i didn’t get a picture. i guess i will recover. somehow.
points of interest: i think the eye on her dress is watching me, the plaid carpet bag, the riot.grrl combat boots, yum yum big machines
i was making sweet love to the cupcake icing

i was making sweet love to the cupcake icing

i *love* cupcakes. i love the cake and the icing on top and the ability to make cupcake sandwiches and then i love eating them.
i want a cupcake, just thinking about it. all i have left over is this bucket of icing. luckily i was wearing a fly outfit when caught mid-pigout. piggy kitty. loves. sweet cakes.
points of interest: not another piece of owl jewelry, i wear my pearl necklace on my fist wrist, my one legwarmer
i was channeling clockwork lolita. tho i am still looking for my clock…

and finally! kitty.Vision.

meow.meow. bitches.

2 comments on “street fashion: out and about; plus kitty.Vision debut.

  1. lisa

    It was great meeting you at Rock Revolution!

  2. shallomj

    I always manage to have such odd expressions on my face when people take my picture. I am the queen of slightly awkward & uncomfortable expressions.


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