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street fashion: the fizzy rain didn’t stop the Gastown style

today i trekked to the faraway land that is obviously known as gastown. the spritz of rain and impending grey gloom did not stop these hipsternistas from traipsing their awesomeness all along the cobblestone.

kaboom (from the Heard)

kaboom (from the Heard)

okay. so i lied. this single solitary picture was captured on Davie street.
i’m cute when i lie. you can’t change that. this guy is always rockin’ everytime i see him. and he was right in the middle of bringing someone a box of tea.
close my mouth with an allergy to bees that is so cute. ack.
points of interest: the box of tea obviously, the worn thrift blazer plus hoodie combo, the patchwork hat circa 1837 and the color green. i love green.
cute girl may

cute girl may

dear cute girl with your umbrella even though it wasn’t really raining i didn’t mind that you were carrying an umbrella. really. you were cute. i didn’t mind.
points of interest: mc hammer inspired pants with the *perfect* amount of crouch hangage, the 4 scarves you have wrapped around your neck look comfortable, i will let the color blue slide this one time because it suits you. especially the robin’s egg blue umbrella
jenny and april (aka adorable and more adorable)

jenny and april (aka adorable and more adorable)

i actually ran across the cobblestone street to catch these two. they were taking pictures of cute stuffed animals in windows while looking so cute in these outfits. i think a part of me died from cute overload. i was able to regain my focus and ask for a photo, but just barely.
points of interest: the coy belt matching the shoes effect, holy shit bangs, the even coyer epicly long scarf matching the shoes effect, the oversized sweatshirt that is deemed fit as a dress


i did a double take with this young lad. he was working when i bombed his employment and declared that i liked his style. like a bomb-exploding, that is how i work.
points of interest: the sweater/leather functional combo jacket, the vintage inspired fedora, the ‘i’m not really trying to pose but i kinda am posing’ cool pose
i think his name was kevin

i think his name was kevin

his hat was made of fur.
let me repeat myself, his. hat. was. made. of. fur.
having a hat made of fur in vancouver is just a recipe for un-success BUT coupled with a shirt that says ‘dream’ over top a picture of shit.
well. total. success. utter WIN.

meow.meow. bitches

2 comments on “street fashion: the fizzy rain didn’t stop the Gastown style

  1. tyler or taylor. call me whatever


    SO you did post my picture! Thanks for the interesting experince. Not only the popsicle stick business card but my life is so mello dramatic that was the story of my day.



  2. Diana

    I bought this epic high waisted black leather skirt, but I’m scared of wearing it outside because, as you said, vancouver is kind of intense about this stuff. one day, I will muster up the courage to wear it.

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