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style diary: i feel like six; not the age

for all the ones who got my title reference, i commend you. good job. that means you are around my age and remember the awesomeness that was the show Blossom.
for all of you who didn’t get it, go pirate an episode and learn very quickly where the supposed new trends of jean shorts over tights and baggy sweaters over leggings originally hailed from.
go learn wise lessons my hipster children. go.
my outfit is epically six.
wearing: purple shirt h&m, black rainbow striped shirt yard sale, jean skirt who the f*ck knows, black leggings AA, red boots le chateau, grey vintage hat SF thrift store

i have a habit of pulling up my skirts

i have a habit of pulling up my skirt

these leggings are oh so very shiny.
shit, son. shiny things make me very happy. experiment: go look at some sequins. see them sparkle. and Try to NOT smile.
it’s impossible. simply impossible.
side note: the same night i bought these tights and wore them (NYE) i came home and snagged them on some imaginary nail that grew out the side of my kitchen cabinets. i have not been able to relocate said nail since the incident. the hole is permanent. so is my irritation for said imaginary nail.

meet my owl pinkie ring. i fly with my own personal bird bitches.

meet my owl pinkie ring. i fly with my own personal bird bitches.

i love my owl ring. in fact i have three of them. i love owls probably as much as seagull steve loves all bird-kitties. i have many of them.
i love owls. alot. it has not gotten to be a problem but if owls stay as hip and as trendy as they have been for months, and people keep making sh*t with owls on/near/in it, my small little obsession Will turn into a problem.
until then. my owl pinkie ring will start shit and beat you at scrabble. at the same time.

meow. meow. bitches

2 comments on “style diary: i feel like six; not the age

  1. Felonious Jive

    Kitty. Looking good, as always. You are now permanently linked off my blog. Nerd solidarity.

  2. Fivestar

    Awesome outfit! You’re definitely pulling off Six. I couldn’t get early 90’s fashion right the first time around so perhaps I’m doomed now that’s it’s back. Lookin’ good:)

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