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street fashion: I Heard you were stylish, back in the day part deux

so here is part deux. you can stop holding your breath. blue and deficient of air is really not your color.

Alex (from The Heard) and fantasically cute girl

Alex (from The Heard) and fantasically cute girl

So these two were amazing. This place was so full of style I couldn’t keep my hands to myself.
Because they were on my camera, you dirty mind in the gutter people.
Points of Interest: the epic tour t-shirt design unknown, the hat to keep the sun out of her face, it looks like vintage red cherry belt, that sly run in her tights, the convenient man-pocket on the hoodie
she asked me for a pose. i told them to give me the “WTF am i wearing hipster pose”.
they did it perfectly.
she insisted on seeing all the photos i took of her to make sure she looked as fabulous as she did in real life.
which happened. good job cute girl. good job.
a cute girl and look, another cute girl

a cute girl and look, another cute girl

This girl was so fantastic I had to put her in two photos. This pose was ” Go team, fuckin’ go.”
I think they captured it. pretty effortlessly.
Points of Interest: the classified high five, slick over the knee stockings, brown and black never worked so well together. ever.


This guy was rockin’. I have a very large penchant for sharks so I was won over instantly. Like lightening. flash.
Points of Interest: epic great white shark shirt, flip me up brim from Vancity Skateshop
neato the filthy varmit and yummy girl

neato the filthy varmit and yummy girl

This lovely gent was in the show line-up. He rocked. She was kicking awesome style. i was describing the difference between street fashion, store fashion and runway fashion to her. she loved it. i loved her.
beauty happens in the moment: gag me hallmark but it’s true.
Points of Interest: handsewn pig shirt, another upturn of the hat brim, rockin’ switch with handkerchief, her kicks, his kicks, white pants after the summer-oh hell yes. yes she did.
femme fatale

femme fatale

i caught this girl just as she was leaving the show. she looked annoyed when i made her retrace her steps in the snow, but everyone retraces their steps in the snow when someone says they like their outfit and want a picture.
everyone does. it’s like mandatory human Ego.
points of interest: THE EPIC JACKET, the deceptacon again ( for all you reading and didn’t care to peruse the part un post, the deceptacon is the straight girls’ beret )

okay. this night was awesome and style was surely had.
meow.meow. bitches

One comment on “street fashion: I Heard you were stylish, back in the day part deux

  1. Hawk∑ye

    Haha, I was at that show toooo. Our crew Schitz Popinov was hosting that particular evening of bass and treble. The furrr clad young lady is actually a good friend of mine and every time she wears it I tongue in cheek say “how many puppies were lost in the making of that there number” I’m sure she wasn’t to upset to have her pic taken Funette loves the limelight. Nice blog you have here, keep popinov….

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