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street fashion: I Heard you were stylish, back in the day part un

So tonight I cascaded my lovely self down to the trendy, lovely, hipster area of Vancouver that is known as Main Street. or simply Main.
on the rare occasion i like to attend musical concerts. one may call them ‘shows’.
tonight was such a night.
oh the gems of stylish fashion did i find there. like water to the south african miniature dwarf elephants, i found an oasis.
unfortunately the oasis was spiked. i was unaware of this.

joel and zach (from The Heard)

cons and zach (from The Heard)

these guys are awesome and tonight their fashionable style sense was screaming ‘shut up and look at me’.
which i did. shut up. and look at them.
points of interest: purple windbreaker that will make you break into a sweat just realizing how purple it is, kitty face sweater, upside down peace sign of 2009

the kitty face sweater is so epic. let’s have a close up shall we. yes we shall.

here kitty kitty kitty.

here kitty kitty kitty.

so the amazingness of this kitty face sweater is two things.
a. it is a full sleeve, full on knitted sweater. i wouldn’t even be able to dream this up, even after a night of mind-altering stuffs.
b. the kitty face that appears on the front of the sweater is an EXACT REPLICA of the kitty face that appears on the back of the sweater. holy two-faced kitty sweater, you are my god.

shay (from The Heard) and faithful friend guy

shay (from The Heard) and brendan

these two lovelies were outside, freezing, but cute and stylish. we brave the cold.
points of interest: the plaid that never dies, amazing shiny maroon faux alligator or tiny pebble snake boots, big smiles never die, like whoa death stare

JR but i like to call her shortcake

JR but i like to call her shortcake

okay. i am being fictitiously repetitive but seriously. this lady is totally awesome. she inspires me to be more awesome. which is hard but can be done.
points of interest: the impeccable hue matching of the top of the gum boots to her hat and the wall behind her, the fresh air of the blue hoodie

Kaboom (from The Heard) and these two hot girls

Kaboom (from The Heard) and these two hot girls

wow. so i had been eyeing these ladies (and gent) all night. there were flocks of seen-hipster girls at the show but maybe that is because The Heard has that kind of seen-hipster zex appeal with the ladies. i think that is the summary of that equation.
(ps: The Heard rocks. please check them out. I will make it snow lots of hard ugly snow wherever you are if you don’t. I can do it. I have unicorns on call for this sort of thing.)
points of interest: purple suede ‘kthxbye’ studded boots, ruffle my feathers skirt, slightly ironic but still works handkerchief around the neck, the brown boots that look like they were stolen from 1837, the deceptacon (aka hipster straight girls berets)


cute girl taking photos: malloreigh

last but not least, this girl was capturing all the epic moments at the show. she asked if i could take her photo with her camera still slung around her. like i would have taken your photo WithOut your camera slung around you, you cute camera girl. no way. never.
points of interest: green hair that looks amazingly real, please plaid never die plaid, misc. ‘just in case’ twine thru belt loop

part deux will be coming soon.

meow. meow. bitches

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