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street fashion: west end; blow me away bowtie


so i found this gem in the west end. he was quite a lovely gentleman.
i mean, seriously kids, who doesn’t absolutely with out a doubt love a good old-fashioned bowtie?
i can’t be the only one kitties. someone out there must like bowties and mustaches and neon. lots of neon.
well this young man was prim, proper and ready for a skip down a cobbled stone walkway somewhere.
verdict: miss, may i please have another sweet Win.

points of interest: the coyly flipped up collar of the not-quite peacoat, the distinguishing coffee/smoke combo, his pants are the perfect amount of tight without “package distraction”

meow.meow. bitches.

One comment on “street fashion: west end; blow me away bowtie

  1. finn savoy

    Package distraction? For real. I thought I was the only perv out there constantly having to shift my gaze up 2 feet. And to note Gents – when you’re riding a crowded subway in skinny jeans, dont shove your crotch in the face of the rider sitting below you. Turn turn turn. geezus.

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