.atomic number 79.

word out on the street is that no one got the memo to ‘give a damn’

so in theory, i like to write. i am pseudo-tech savvy and i have a penchant for being overtly creative and dizzingly motivational. yet sometimes, i change my mind. and sometimes even more, i change my mind alot.

so i need to pick something and stick with it. like super stick with it. i have some options that are on the chopping block and folks, frankly and egotisically, i can’t do this by myself. if i am going to make it, even remotely, it is going to be a combined effort. with a byline avec moi.

just kidding. but really. no.

okay. so let’s play a little game called ‘everyone gives me a second of their time and gives a damn’. these are the items on the chopping block of potential commited creative endeavors.

a. vancouver street fashion photo blog. self explaining in said title. except that vancouver has very little innovative street fashion so it may have a not coincidental VICE feel to it. not coincidental.

b. a stripper vlog. would anyone care? i would care. but i am biased.

c. dj this is not so much on the official chopping block as it is thrown in for reorganizing. but i could turn my fuckin’ vain attempt at spreading the world’s ears wide open into a blog format.

d. open for discussion. finish my feature film script. shoot my short film. something to do with film.

so folks.. these are the main topics that can be diced, spiced, recycled and composted if needed.

maybe i should just close my eyes and throw a dart..

3 comments on “word out on the street is that no one got the memo to ‘give a damn’

  1. Cherisse

    I think the stripper vlog would be an awesome idea, but i dont know how interesting it would be with you always in the same location. (Both for you and your viewers) And the fashion blog also sounds like a cool idea.

  2. TheOtherPromWhore

    Was “move back to the states” already on the chopping block? I missed that one? Damn. Then I’ll go with starting A. & B.

  3. Diana

    Hi! I just started reading your blog approximately 5 minutes ago and I agree that it would be interesting to see a vancouver fashion blog out there! But it will be mighty difficult to find truly interesting outfits out in broad daylight. But if you do start one, I will definitely enjoy seeing what my city has to offer!

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